Stamped Concrete in Central New York: Is it a Good Idea?

Stamped concrete has some distinct advantages when compared to traditional concrete. The main advantage with stamped concrete is the wide availability of colors and patterns. To be sure, stamped concrete usually looks a lot more aesthetically appealing than traditional brushed or exposed aggregate concrete. If you're 100% sold on concrete for your driveway, pathway, walkway or patio, then stamped concrete is a nicer choice than traditional concrete. The cost is typically about 200% of what regular concrete costs. But the look is worth the additional price. So as far as concrete goes, stamped is a much nicer way to go.

Unfortunately, all concrete cracks over time. It's inevitable. Concrete, by nature, is imperfect. And over time it's prone to cracking. The only question is how soon and how badly will it crack. Check out the "Stamped Concrete vs. Interlocking Pavers" section for more information.




Pavers vs. Concrete Driveways Facts Stamped Concrete vs. Interlocking Pavers


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